Why Toddlers Misbehave During Photoshoots

Its no secret that toddlers are pretty bossy little humans who want what they want and when they want it. If you're in the large population of parents with demanding toddlers, then you know all too well that the struggle is VERY real.

Toddlers and small children have no idea about the time, investment and sacrifice that goes into planning a photoshoot and needless to say, nor do they care. All they know is that they don't want to be there and they hate being told what to do, so quite naturally they get antsy and start a rebellion. But no need to worry, getting your tiny tyrants to cooperate is more simple than you think.

Make Sure Their Basic Needs Are Met

Clothing & Outfits

There are a few fundamental needs that must be met before shooting with toddlers and small kinds. Firstly, ensuring that they are adequately dressed for the weather and occasion is very important for their comfort. During the summer months, if shooting out doors, ensure that they are dressed in light, airy and cool clothing. Nothing ends a shoot faster than an uncomfortable toddler.

Food & Drinks

To reduce the irritation of a toddler, make sure your little one is well fed before your photoshoot with additional snacks packed just incase there may be an unforeseen delay. As adults, we're quite aware of the issues that stem from "hanger" (hunger + anger) which can all be avoided with a full tummy. Additionally the sugars in 100% juice or a piece of fruit can provide the much needed energy to carry them through the entire shoot with little to no irritability. Lastly, always bring along drinking water because nothing quenches thirst like water.

Make It Quick

Attention spans of toddlers are very short and keeping their attention and cooperation for longer periods of time is almost impossible. Before your photoshoot, make certain that you have a complete understanding of what is required of you and what is required of your photographer. This includes the length of your shoot, wardrobe change, change of venue and so on. Of course, there will be times when situations occur beyond anyone's control such as weather delays, but a good photographer will also take that into consideration and make necessary backup plans. To prepare for any possible delays, bring along their favorite toy to distract them until things get rolling again. Chances are they won't even notice the time.

If All Else Fails, Try Bribery

Before you start sending emails, hear me out. If you're a parent like I am, *proud mom of 4 :)* you already know that this is the last resort and for some parents, "the go-to" method of getting your kids to do what you need them to do. Careful not to agree to the first offer that is made, they are aware of the negotiating power that they hold and often times try to abuse it. They are tough negotiators with the memory of a herd of elephants, so make sure you can deliver on your promise!

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