Your Freeport Bahamas Photographer,

K. Yolanda Turnquest


Now That’s Committment!

To say that photography is my “passion” sounds so generic and truth be told, it serves it no justice. From the first time I picked up a camera ten years ago, I had fallen in love and I knew from that very moment most of my time, blood, sweat and tears would go into developing my skills and staying on top of my game. I spend my off seasons devoting my time to learning new techniques, equipment and software to perfecting my craft. Like a baby you cherish it, nurture it and make certain that it grows.


Gearing Up

My gear of choice is the Canon DSLR line of professional cameras. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Niks but since Canon was my first camera, i’ve grown to love and appreciate the ease of use and the many features that makes my life that much easier.

Off Season

If you follow me on social media you’d think that i’m always away on vacation. As much as I wish that were so, reality is and for some strange reason unknown to me, there is such thing as a wedding season. *Gasp!* Yes, theoretically and statistically for me I am swamped with weddings between February – October. I don’t know. Maybe people prefer spring and summer weddings over fall/winter weddings.

Between You and I

Here are a few little known facts about me in a professional light: I am my biggest critic when it comes to the perfect image. Yes, I get really maniacal about perfection of my work because it speaks volumes about my business as a whole as well as the professional that I am. I’m always asked to sit and eat and drink during reception parties but I always refuse. While I am appreciative of the gesture, I am being paid to shoot and I have to be alert at all times to capture that million dollar shot. So, thank you, but no thank you! I often cannot wait to get back to my desk to pull up images from that day’s shooting. I get even more excited when I know the shooting conditions were ideal and the images need very little to no retouching. Then I feel like i’ve succeeded. #winning!